Code Breaker 3D

Platforms: Android, iOS

Release: May 2014

Code Breaker 3D is a modern take on the popular board game with the same name (sometimes also called Mastermind).

Will you be able to solve the combination?

Be prepared to challenge your brain in this free 3D conversion of the classic Code Breaker game!


Solving the color codes based on only minimal feedback requires good combinatory skills and flexible thinking. With practice you will be able to develop increasingly efficient solving strategies. Consult your friends and check whether you can find different approaches, or challenge them to a code breaking duel to see whose strategy works better!


Exercise your mind in a relaxed round of Code Breaker or test your code solving abilities under pressure and activate the timer for a thrilling race against the clock! Code Breaker always offers a quick round of great thinking practice, it is the perfect training for your mind during a dull day and can easily be enjoyed by everyone, old and young!


This digital version of Code Breaker comes with a colorblind option, opening the gates to the exciting world of code breaking to those who could not join the fun before due to color deficiency.