Dark Turbulence

Platforms: Android, iOS

Release: March 2014

Embark on a journey through the endless beauty of space in this unique fast paced arcade racing experience!


Feel the speed, fear the dangers. Navigating your way between asteroids and satellites you will realise how challenging an adventure in the wide open space might be.

Racing without friction, gravity and opponents is an easy task, right? Not in the adrenaline fueled world of Dark Turbulence where only the best racing pilots persevere!


Speeding through dense and dangerous asteroid fields and dodging space debris requires the highest amount of skill and focus at all times. Lightning fast reflexes and the ability to plan your flight route ahead while keeping close track of your immediate environment are the only weapons that will help you survive this high-speed adventure and grant you a place amongst the very best of extreme racing pilots!


This race is not just about speed but more than anything about endurance. Handling extreme acceleration for an extended period of time is a task only the most competent and experienced of pilots are able to master, are you one of them?


There can only be one top pilot, so go out there and prove you are deserving of the title "Intergalactic Champion"!


Take a seat in one of various unlockable spacecrafts and rush towards infinity.

Explore the beauty of space and climb the global leaderboard.

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