Logic Game Collection

Platforms: Android, iOS

Release: November 2018

The Anti Boredom Logic Game Collection is a collection of only the very best logic, puzzle and board games. Each game is carefully selected and implemented with much diligence and devotion. Numerous different games with multiple variations each are ready for you to challenge your mind. The perfect pastime to bridge time of waiting, be it in the bus, in an anteroom, on the toilet, in your bed or wherever. Or maybe you just want to release your mind from the weight of your day-to-day life for a brief period. This logic game collection is your ideal companion.


The Anti Boredom Logic Game Collection currently features 6 games in 2 variants and will continue to grow in the future. The following games are already available for your brain workout:

    - Lights Out [5x5 and 9x9]

    - Reversi [play against the AI or a friend]

    - Number Puzzle [8 tiles and 15 tiles]

    - Takuzu [4x4 and 8x8]

    - Kakurasu [4x4 and 7x7]

    - Nurikabe [5x5 and 9x9]