The Pattern

Platforms: Android, iOS

Release: December 2015

The Pattern is an innovative logic game challenging your perception and imagination!


Brain-teasing at its best.

360 levels varying in difficulty and theme provide a massive and enduring conundrum.

A simple yet gorgeous artstyle, a soothing soundtrack and a unique game concept make The Pattern a fantastic experience you will not want to miss.

Boredom will never again occur with The Pattern!


Most logic games and pattern matching exercises you can find are rather basic and do not really require too much time and energy as most people do not have the endurance and mental capacity to direct their full attention to one single challenging task for a longer period of time. Do you?


The Pattern is based on a seemingly simple concept but do not be fooled by that, solving the tasks at hand is more than challenging and can only be achieved by great minds. Patience and the ability to think ahead and visualize world states in your mind are the skills required to successfully master the patterns.


Whether you want to exercise your complex thinking capabilities or show the world that you are the best, The Pattern is the perfect challenge for you and provides endless hours of demanding puzzles!


Are you smart enough to solve all patterns?

Do you have the focus and endurance to crack even the biggest enigma?

Find out now and challenge the world!