Platforms: Windows 10, macOS, Android, iOS

Release:  December 2019 (Desktop) / February 2020 (Mobile)

ImageGlitcher is a highly flexible yet easy to use image editing tool that allows you to add a unique and high quality glitch effect to any image you like.


Get that popular digital glitch aesthetic typically associated with 80s-inspired cyberpunk designs, without compromising the overall quality of your photo. The intuitive image editor lets you tweak every parameter of the glitch filter to your liking, everything is in your control!


A realtime preview enables you to manipulate the many glitch settings on the fly and immediately assess the result without the need to fully render the image out every time you make an adjustment.


Easily export your glitched images to the universally compatible PNG file format with a single button click.


ImageGlitcher's flexible multi-component algorithm gives you the freedom and power to create the perfect glitch filter you are looking for. Add a subtle retro look to your photo or fry it into oblivion, the control is in your hands!


The effects that can be applied with this image editing tool are state-of-the-art and deliver professional results everytime. No prior experience in image editing is required at all, everything you can do is immediately apparent and the outcome of your settings visible in real time.


So just play around with the editor and you will be able to produce high quality and unique glitch effects in no time!