Ghost Assassin

Platforms: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5

Release: August 2020

Ghost Assassin is a portfolio risk management tool that comes packed with essential and powerful tools you can use to protect your equity.


The utility is able to monitor open positions of a specific trading symbol (EURUSD, DAX, Gold etc.), with a specific magic number (especially useful if you are using an Expert Advisor that does a poor job of managing risky positions) or of the entire portfolio.


Ghost Assassin gives you a comprehensive summary of the monitored positions and can be configured to employ a collective takeprofit and stoploss, both fixed and trailing. Additionally, you can also set a weekday and clocktime at which all watched trades should be closed.


There is no need to waste your time watching every tick come in or stress about the drawdown your trading robots are generating, Ghost Assassin is here to take your guard post and do the worrying for you!