Mission Control

Platforms: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5

Release: January 2021

Mission Control is the ultimate all-in-one trade management tool including all necessary features and advanced functionality you need to control your trading activtiy while maintaining a clean and pleasant aesthetic.


The panel can be used to quickly open new trades with a single mouse click or automatically following customizable rules and also manage trades opened manually or by any expert advisor. Mission Control is the swiss army knife of trade management and can be flexibly configured to follow all kinds of risk management strategies. Powerful and highly configurable takeprofit and stoploss options can be applied to ensure you are always in full control of your trades. This utility can also automatically open locking orders as you desire, both as averaging (following the same direction) and martingale (following opposite directions), introducing numerous recovery and stabilization possibilites for your losing trades.


Everything that happens is immediately visible in the panel and chart, no guessing or recalculating required! Relevant levels are highlighted in the chart to avoid surprises.


All settings are directly accessible through the panel's interface and persist across trading sessions, so there is no need to tinker with tedious set files. There are no restrictions as to which features can be used in conjunction, but you are strongly encouraged to play around with the panel on a demo account to fully understand all the features and interactions and discover its great potential, your trading workflow and performance will significantly improve once you get to grips with Mission Control!