Platforms: Metatrader 4

Release: June 2019


Swift Trading System is a simple yet stable and powerful trend trading system based on multiple instances of the moving average as well as the RSI and ADX indicators. Additionally, the system utilizes multiple custom safety features to ensure a reliable performance.


No toxic strategies like Grid, Martingale, Averaging or others are used!


This expert also has an option to only trade in the direction of positive swaps which makes maintaining long-term positions a lot less risky and significantly more profitable, but you can also add a timeout to the orders to prevent them from dragging on for too long. Takeprofit and simple as well as trailing stoploss options are available.


The system is easy to set up and provides visual cues about its judgement of the current market situation so you can quickly understand what is happening at any time.


Swift in principle works on any timeframe and with every instrument: currencies, commodities, indices, stocks etc; setting optimizations might be required though.




Recommended settings files for multiple tested symbols can be found in the dropbox linked further below.


The glider settings are designed for long-running trades and therefore only trade with positive swaps, the higher your swaps are the more profitable and safer this strategy will be.


Additionally, you can find static settings that disregard the swaps and instead fully utilize the range of different signals the expert can work with. This strategy will also close lost trades if opposing signals are generated.


Live monitoring of the trading system's performance can be found here.





It is generally advised to use the static settings as they should be more reliable than the glider settings. However, if your broker offers high positive swaps the glider settings are certainly more profitable.


Drawdowns can and will occur, so it is important not to push small accounts to their limits.