How To Manage Swift

In order to fully utilize the Swift Trading System a minimum degree of manual management is required once a month.

Before the first day of every month I will publish new settings for the coming month that should always be applied to the expert advisor as soon as possible. However, it may sometimes occur that there are still positions open from the previous month, this is certainly not desirable but cannot fully be ruled out. If no old trades are open at the beginning of a new month you can simply load the new settings into the software without any concern. Otherwise you have multiple options to guarantee a smooth transition into the new month which I will explain the following.

  1. Close the old trade manually: If you do that you can just load the new settings. However, the old trade might not be profitable at that point and if you wait too long you might miss the new trades.
  2. Still just load the new settings without any other actions: This means that the new settings will first manage the closure of the old trade before opening any new positions, so you might potentially miss the new trades and reduce the system's profit.
  3. Disconnect the old trade from the expert: You can do this by choosing a new unique magic number when loading the new settings into the software. The expert will then ignore the old trade and thus immediately start trading the new signals. Beware though, that you must manage the closure of the old trade yourself, either manually or by setting a takeprofit!
  4. Create a new Swift instance: Open a new chart and attach a new instance of the expert advisor, then load the new settings and choose a new unique magic number. This way the old settings will continue to manage the old trade and the new settings can start trading in parallel. It is important here to set the day limit for the old settings ("No new Trades after Day of Month" parameter) to 1, otherwise they might open new positions after closing the old one! Be aware that this can still happen if the old trade is closed on the first day and a new signal for the old settings occurs on that day.

For the official Swift trading signal you can find on my trading profile I am using the third method.